(data stored in ACNUC7421 zone)


AL009126.TBOW        Location/Qualifiers
FT   misc_RNA        276815..277062
FT                   /gene="tboW"
FT                   /locus_tag="BSU_misc_RNA_6"
FT                   /product="T-box riboswitch specific of tryptophan tRNA
FT                   ligase"
FT                   /note="Evidence 1a: Function from experimental evidences in
FT                   the studied strain; PubMedId: 1317842, 9098041, 10706627,
FT                   12165569, 12547201; Product type n: RNA"
FT                   /experiment="publication(s) with functional evidences,
FT                   PMID:1317842, 9098041, 10706627, 12165569, 12547201"
     ttaacaatcg tgaggaagag caagtacgca tcagaatgga ggttcagaga gtcggtggca        60
     ggtgtgaacc gatcctcccc tgatgccgaa tgggcttctg aattgctttg ctgaacggat       120
     agtaggcgat gccgggtttc tctccccgtt accaagagag gagtatcgaa acataggttt       180
     tctgtactta gagtgaacgg ctgtatagct gttaataaag gtggtaccgc gagaccctcg       240
     tcctttgc                                                                248

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