(data stored in SCRATCH zone)


AL009126.TRNSL-GLU2  Location/Qualifiers
FT   tRNA            194205..194279
FT                   /gene="trnSL-Glu2"
FT                   /locus_tag="BSU_tRNA_75"
FT                   /product="tRNA-Glu"
FT                   /function="16.2: Construct biomass (Anabolism)"
FT                   /note="transfer RNA-Glu(UUC); Evidence 2a: Function from
FT                   experimental evidences in other organisms; Product type n:
FT                   RNA"
FT                   /inference="profile:tRNAscan:1.23"
     ggcccgttgg tcaagcggtt aagacaccgc cctttcacgg cggtaacacg ggttcgaatc        60
     ccgtacgggt cacca                                                         75

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