(data stored in ACNUC1104 zone)

EMBL: AP008957.PE44

AP008957.PE44        Location/Qualifiers
FT   CDS_pept        complement(53810..54061)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /transl_table=11
FT                   /locus_tag="RER_00440"
FT                   /product="hypothetical protein"
FT                   /db_xref="EnsemblGenomes-Gn:RER_00440"
FT                   /db_xref="EnsemblGenomes-Tr:BAH30752"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:C0ZLI4"
FT                   /protein_id="BAH30752.1"
     gtgatgtacg aggatctcgg gaacctgcgg atgcttgccc gctatctggt cggccctgcc        60
     gagatctcaa agctcttagg tgtggaggcg aacacggtca acgtgtggaa ggtgcggcat       120
     gccgatttcc ccaagccggt gcgtcgcctt cgttccggcg atgtgtggga cgtccgagaa       180
     atcgaggctt gggcaaaatc gaccggtcga cagattctgg ccggccatat cccggatgtg       240
     aagtccgaat ag                                                           252

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