(data stored in ACNUC10821 zone)

EMBL: AP010958.FFS

AP010958.FFS         Location/Qualifiers
FT   ncRNA           485037..485150
FT                   /gene="ffs"
FT                   /locus_tag="ECO103_ncRNA03"
FT                   /note="4.5S sRNA component of Signal Recognition Particle
FT                   (SRP); works with the Ffh protein; involved in
FT                   co-translational protein translocation into and possibly
FT                   through membranes"
FT                   /inference="nucleotide motif:Rfam:RF00169"
FT                   /ncRNA_class="SRP_RNA"
     gggggctctg ttggttctcc cgcaacgcta ctctgtttac caggtcaggt ccggaaggaa        60
     gcagccaagg cagatgacgc gtgtgccggg atgtagctgg cagggccccc accc             114

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