(data stored in ACNUC7421 zone)

EMBL: AP011115.PE93

AP011115.PE93        Location/Qualifiers
FT   CDS_pept        complement(80671..80919)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /transl_table=11
FT                   /locus_tag="ROP_00930"
FT                   /product="hypothetical protein"
FT                   /db_xref="EnsemblGenomes-Gn:ROP_00930"
FT                   /db_xref="EnsemblGenomes-Tr:BAH48340"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:C1AS91"
FT                   /protein_id="BAH48340.1"
     gtggtcaccg gctggtgcga acaggtcaca cgtgcgttcc gatggcgcat cgagcacgac        60
     caccgggaac tgaaacccgt tctcggactg gaccattacg atgagccctc ctggctcggc       120
     ggacaccacc acgccgccct ggtcaccgcc gcccacctct tcctcgccac cctgcgattg       180
     actcacccaa attcggttcg gcagaaccgg cccgctacgc cacccgccgc gaacgtccac       240
     gcgcactga                                                               249

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