(data stored in SCRATCH zone)

EMBL: FM954973.NC2

FM954973.NC2         Location/Qualifiers
FT   ncRNA           366376..366484
FT                   /locus_tag="VS_IIm0322"
FT                   /product="Qrr"
FT                   /note="regulation of quorum sensing in Vibrio spp. bound by
FT                   Hfq"
FT                   /inference="profile:Rfam:8.1"
FT                   /ncRNA_class="other"
     tgacccttct taagccgagg gtcacctagc caactgacgt tgttagtgaa cccatattgt        60
     tcacacaaaa tatatgacca atcacccttt tgtgattggt ttttttttg                   109

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