(data stored in ACNUC1104 zone)

EMBL: FN667741.PE108

FN667741.PE108       Location/Qualifiers
FT   CDS_pept        complement(117202..117357)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /transl_table=11
FT                   /locus_tag="XBJ1_0112"
FT                   /product="putative acyl transferase with trimeric LpxA-like
FT                   domain , iron-binding (fragment)"
FT                   /db_xref="EnsemblGenomes-Gn:XBJ1_0112"
FT                   /db_xref="EnsemblGenomes-Tr:CBJ79263"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:D3UY85"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:D3UY85"
FT                   /inference="ab initio prediction:AMIGene:2.0"
FT                   /protein_id="CBJ79263.1"
FT                   DFIPKN"
     atgatatggc tatattggag ctacaatgaa ttgttaccat ctcaggatct cgtcacacgt        60
     tgcaaaaaga ccttacggga agtggagccg ctggcagaaa tggaacaggg acgaaaacgg       120
     ctgacattca gtcaggactt tataccgaaa aactaa                                 156

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