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1. ACIB4_1_PE485  SubName: Full=GMP synthase, C-terminal domain; EC=;SubName:
           Full=GMP synthase, large subunit; EC=6.3.5 2; (ACIB4_1.PE485).
           Keywords: Complete proteome; Ligase.
           Organism: ACIDULIPROFUNDUM BOONEI T469                                          

2. SCHMA_193_PE37  SubName: Full=GMP synthetase (SCHMA_193.PE37) (Glutamine-hydrolysing)
           (Phosphoribosylformylglycinamidine syntethase) (Family c26 unassigned
           peptidase (C26 family)); EC=; EC=6.3.5 3; .
           Keywords: Smp_06383000037236820036002503210000011;
           Keywords: C4QEH8; FN357484;
           Keywords: Ligase.
           Organism: SCHISTOSOMA MANSONI                                                   

User reference: ACNUC9435

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