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1. HS6_PE4180  RecName: Full=Proto-oncogene Mas; (HS6.PE4180).
           Keywords: ENSG000001303681755old_1320000031; ENSP000002526607901old_1320000031;
           Keywords: AL035691; BC069142; BC069581; BC110454; CR542261; M13150;
           Keywords: Cell membrane; Complete proteome; G-protein coupled receptor;
           Keywords: Glycoprotein; Membrane; Proto-oncogene; Receptor; Reference proteome;
           Keywords: Transducer; Transmembrane; Transmembrane helix.
           Organism: HOMO SAPIENS                                                          

2. HS6_PE4181  RecName: Full=Cation-independent mannose-6-phosphate receptor; Short=CI
           Man-6-P receptor; Short=CI-MPR; Short=M6PR;AltName: Full=300 kDa mannose
           6-phosphate receptor; Short=MPR 300;AltName: Full=Insulin-like growth
           factor 2 receptor;AltName: Full=Insulin-like growth factor II receptor;
           Short=IGF-II receptor;AltName: Full=M6P/IGF2 receptor;
           Short=M6P/IGF2R;AltName: CD_antigen=CD222;Flags: Precursor; (HS6.PE4181).
           Keywords: ENSG000001970811755old_1320000031; ENSP000003494377901old_1320000031;
           Keywords: A0N9R6_HUMAN; A0N9R7_HUMAN; B4DUY7_HUMAN; Q13660_HUMAN; Q13661_HUMAN;
           Keywords: AB209668; AF069333; AF109244; AF109245; AF109246; AF109247; AF109248;
           Keywords: AF109250; AF109251; AF109252; AF109253; AF109254; AF109255; AF109256;
           Keywords: AF109258; AF109259; AF109260; AF109261; AF109262; AF109263; AF109264;
           Keywords: AF109266; AF109267; AF109268; AF109269; AF109270; AF109271; AF109272;
           Keywords: AF109274; AF109275; AF109276; AF109277; AF109278; AF109279; AF109280;
           Keywords: AF109282; AF109283; AF109284; AF109285; AF109286; AF109287; AF109288;
           Keywords: AF109290; AF109291; AK300848; AL035691; AL353625; AY293855; J03528;
           Keywords: S80785; X83699; X83700; X91875; Y00285;
           Keywords: 3D-structure; Acetylation; Complete proteome;
           Keywords: Direct protein sequencing; Disulfide bond; Glycoprotein; Lysosome;
           Keywords: Membrane; Phosphoprotein; Polymorphism; Receptor; Reference proteome;
           Keywords: Repeat; Signal; Transmembrane; Transmembrane helix; Transport.
           Organism: HOMO SAPIENS                                                          

User reference: ACNUC21562

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