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1. ARATH_2_PE1600  RecName: Full=Monothiol glutaredoxin-S12, chloroplastic;
           Short=AtGrxS12;Flags: Precursor; (ARATH_2.PE1600).
           Keywords: AT2G20270pg.C_scaffold_1320000031; AT2G20270.1.C_scaffold_1320000031;
           Keywords: AC006569; AY087023; AY094445; AY122897;
           Keywords: 2Fe-2S; Alternative splicing; Chloroplast; Complete proteome; Iron;
           Keywords: Iron-sulfur; Metal-binding; Plastid; Redox-active center;
           Keywords: Reference proteome; Transit peptide.
           Organism: ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA                                                  

User reference: ACNUC5340

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