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1. HS9_PE1237  RecName: Full=Methylglutaconyl-CoA hydratase, mitochondrial; EC=4.2.1
           18;AltName: Full=AU-specific RNA-binding enoyl-CoA hydratase;
           Short=AU-binding protein/enoyl-CoA hydratase;Flags: Precursor;
           Keywords: ENSG000001480901755old_1320000031; ENSP000003648837901old_1320000031;
           Keywords: AL158071; AL353645; AL513353; BC020722; CH471089; X79888;
           Keywords: 3D-structure; Alternative splicing;
           Keywords: Branched-chain amino acid catabolism; Complete proteome;
           Keywords: Direct protein sequencing; Disease mutation; Lyase; Mitochondrion;
           Keywords: Reference proteome; RNA-binding; Transit peptide.
           Organism: HOMO SAPIENS                                                          

User reference: ACNUC7421

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