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1. HS5_PE2567  RecName: Full=Early growth response protein 1; Short=EGR-1;AltName:
           Full=AT225;AltName: Full=Nerve growth factor-induced protein A;
           Short=NGFI-A;AltName: Full=Transcription factor ETR103;AltName:
           Full=Transcription factor Zif268;AltName: Full=Zinc finger protein
           225;AltName: Full=Zinc finger protein Krox-24; (HS5.PE2567).
           Keywords: ENSG000001207381755old_1320000031; ENSP000002399387901old_1320000031;
           Keywords: B4DVG0_HUMAN; Q546S1_HUMAN; AJ243425; AK301065; BC073983; CH471062;
           Keywords: M80583; X52541;
           Keywords: Activator; Complete proteome; DNA-binding; Metal-binding; Nucleus;
           Keywords: Polymorphism; Reference proteome; Repeat; Transcription;
           Keywords: Transcription regulation; Zinc; Zinc-finger.
           Organism: HOMO SAPIENS                                                          

User reference: ACNUC9435

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