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1. RAT6_PE247  Flags: Fragments;
           RecName: Full=Trifunctional enzyme subunit alpha, mitochondrial;AltName:
           Full=TP-alpha;Includes: RecName: Full=Long-chain enoyl-CoA hydratase;
           EC=;Includes: RecName: Full=Long chain 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA
           dehydrogenase; EC=1.1.1 211;Flags: Precursor; (RAT6.PE247).
           Keywords: ENSRNOG00000024629820036002503210000011;
           Keywords: Hadha; RGD1560655; ECHA_RAT; Q99521_RAT; BC091697; D16478; X98225;
           Keywords: Acetylation; Complete proteome; Fatty acid metabolism;
           Keywords: Lipid metabolism; Lyase; Mitochondrion; Multifunctional enzyme; NAD;
           Keywords: Oxidoreductase; Reference proteome; Transit peptide.
           Organism: RATTUS NORVEGICUS                                                     

User reference: ACNUC7421

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