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1. MOUSE18_PE350  RecName: Full=Early growth response protein 1; Short=EGR-1;AltName:
           Full=Nerve growth factor-induced protein A; Short=NGFI-A;AltName:
           Full=Transcription factor Zif268;AltName: Full=Zinc finger protein
           Krox-24; (MOUSE18.PE350).
           Keywords: ENSMUSG000000384185old_1320000031; ENSMUSP000000696161old_1320000031;
           Keywords: Q3UM09_MOUSE; Q3UZU7_MOUSE; Q544D6_MOUSE; Q6LDK7_MOUSE; Q8CAT6_MOUSE;
           Keywords: AK040925; AK133630; AK145198; AK146322; BC138613; BC138615; M19643;
           Keywords: M22326; M28844; M28845; M38174;
           Keywords: 3D-structure; Activator; Complete proteome; DNA-binding;
           Keywords: Metal-binding; Nucleus; Reference proteome; Repeat; Transcription;
           Keywords: Transcription regulation; Zinc; Zinc-finger.
           Organism: MUS MUSCULUS