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1. ORYSI_10_PE1645  SubName: Full=Putative uncharacterized protein; (ORYSI_10.PE1645).
           Keywords: BGIOSGA02419618286.scaffold_90100000011;
           Keywords: CM000132; CM000139; CM000141; CM000144; A2YM11; A3A6I8; A3AQD4; A3BKI0.
           Organism: ORYZA SATIVA INDICA GROUP                                             

2. ORYSI_10_PE1790  RecName: Full=Histone H4; (ORYSI_10.PE1790).
           Keywords: BGIOSGA02591518286.scaffold_90100000011;
           Keywords: AC073166; AC096782; AC108500; AC108503; AC108876; AC118980; AC121361;
           Keywords: AK058741; AK059019; AK059098; AK105816; AK119240; AK119699; AL662987;
           Keywords: AP004071; AP004255; AP004401; AP005551; AP008207; AP008208; AP008209;
           Keywords: AP008211; AP008213; AP008215; AP008216; CM000126; CM000127; CM000128;
           Keywords: CM000130; CM000132; CM000134; CM000135; CM000138; CM000139; CM000140;
           Keywords: CM000142; CM000144; CM000146; CM000147; DP000009; DP000086; EF576286;
           Keywords: A6N0V4; B9FJJ7; Q7G823; Q7XUC9;
           Keywords: Chromosome; DNA-binding; Nucleosome core; Nucleus.
           Organism: ORYZA SATIVA INDICA GROUP                                             

3. ORYSI_10_PE1827  RecName: Full=Cytochrome b6-f complex iron-sulfur subunit; EC=1.10.99 1;
           Keywords: BGIOSGA02593418286.scaffold_90100000011;
           Keywords: AK071634; AP008213; CM000132; CM000139; A2YMJ8; Q0D5J7;
           Keywords: 2Fe-2S; Electron transport; Iron; Iron-sulfur; Membrane;
           Keywords: Metal-binding; Oxidoreductase; Transmembrane; Transport.
           Organism: ORYZA SATIVA INDICA GROUP                                             

User reference: ACNUC5340

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