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1. HS1_PE3698  SubName: Full=cDNA FLJ55345, highly similar to AMP deaminase 2 (HS1.PE3698)
           (EC 3.5.4 6); .
           Keywords: ENSG000001163371755old_1320000031; ENSP000003454987901old_1320000031;
           Keywords: AK296394.
           Organism: HOMO SAPIENS                                                          

2. HS1_PE3699  SubName: Full=Adenosine monophosphate deaminase 2 (HS1.PE3699) (Isoform
           L); .
           Keywords: ENSG000001163371755old_1320000031; ENSP000003772937901old_1320000031;
           Keywords: AL355310.
           Organism: HOMO SAPIENS                                                          

3. HS1_PE3700  (HS1.PE3700).
           Keywords: ENSG000001163371755old_1320000031; ENSP000003588557901old_1320000031.
           Organism: HOMO SAPIENS                                                          

4. HS1_PE3701  RecName: Full=AMP deaminase 2; EC=3.5.4 6;AltName: Full=AMP deaminase
           isoform L; (HS1.PE3701).
           Keywords: ENSG000001163371755old_1320000031; ENSP000002565787901old_1320000031;
           Keywords: B2RB47_HUMAN; B4DK50_HUMAN; AK296394; AK302939; AK314494; AL355310;
           Keywords: BC075844; CH471122; M91029; S47833; U16267; U16268; U16269; U16270;
           Keywords: U16272;
           Keywords: Acetylation; Alternative splicing; Complete proteome; Hydrolase;
           Keywords: Metal-binding; Nucleotide metabolism; Phosphoprotein;
           Keywords: Reference proteome; Zinc.
           Organism: HOMO SAPIENS                                                          

5. HS1_PE3702  (HS1.PE3702).
           Keywords: ENSG000001163371755old_1320000031; ENSP000003515737901old_1320000031.
           Organism: HOMO SAPIENS                                                          

6. HS1_PE3703  (HS1.PE3703).
           Keywords: ENSG000001163371755old_1320000031; ENSP000003772927901old_1320000031.
           Organism: HOMO SAPIENS                                                          

User reference: ACNUC30567

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