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1. ACIF2_1_PE1158  SubName: Full=Galactose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase-like;SubName:
           Full=Putative uncharacterized protein;Flags: Fragment; (ACIF2_1.PE1158).
           Keywords: hypothetical protein;
           Keywords: Complete proteome; Nucleotidyltransferase; Transferase.
           Organism: ACIDITHIOBACILLUS FERROOXIDANS ATCC 23270                             

2. ACYPI_10013_PE1  SubName: Full=Nup98;Flags: Fragment; (ACYPI_10013.PE1).
           Keywords: ACYPI001279; ACYPI001279-PA; D7RA99; HM047135.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

3. ACYPI_10029_PE2  SubName: Full=Actin;Flags: Fragment; (ACYPI_10029.PE2).
           Keywords: ACYPI009912; ACYPI009912-PB; B6RS47; EU346758.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

4. ACYPI_11071_PE3  SubName: Full=Odorant-binding protein 13;Flags: Fragment;
           Keywords: ACYPI440588; ACYPI44058-PAA; C5J8F3; FN263288.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

5. ACYPI_12011_PE5  SubName: Full=Ultraspiracle;Flags: Fragment; (ACYPI_12011.PE5).
           Keywords: ACYPI005934; ACYPI005934-PA; C5IJJ4; FJ947149;
           Keywords: DNA-binding; Metal-binding; Nucleus; Receptor; Transcription;
           Keywords: Transcription regulation; Zinc; Zinc-finger.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

6. ACYPI_12169_PE2  SubName: Full=Odorant-binding protein 6;Flags: Fragment;
           Keywords: ACYPI006495; ACYPI006495-PA; C1KUY6; FM242532.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

7. ACYPI_13600_PE1  SubName: Full=Vrille;Flags: Fragment; (ACYPI_13600.PE1).
           Keywords: ACYPI008851; ACYPI008851-PA; D2T1E8; FM998650;
           Keywords: DNA-binding; Nucleus.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

8. ACYPI_14018_PE8  SubName: Full=Odorant-binding protein 12;Flags: Fragment;
           Keywords: ACYPI214514; ACYPI21451-PAA; C5J8F2; FN263287.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

9. ACYPI_14043_PE3  SubName: Full=Elongation factor 1 alpha;Flags: Fragment;
           Keywords: ACYPI006711; ACYPI006711-PA; A8CF31; B8ZHM6; C4WV27; D6C679; Q86FQ6;
           Keywords: AF068480; AK341330; AY219737; EU071358; FJ982418; FM174698;
           Keywords: Elongation factor; GTP-binding; Nucleotide-binding.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

10. ACYPI_14512_PE1  SubName: Full=Odorant-binding protein 2;Flags: Fragment;
           Keywords: ACYPI006147; ACYPI006147-PA; C1KUY2; C4WUT5; AK341215; FM242528.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

11. ACYPI_16732_PE2  SubName: Full=Odorant-binding protein 4;Flags: Fragment;
           Keywords: ACYPI008889; ACYPI008889-PA; C1KUY4; FM242530.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

12. ACYPI_16746_PE5  SubName: Full=Ecdysone receptor;Flags: Fragment; (ACYPI_16746.PE5).
           Keywords: ACYPI001692; ACYPI001692-PA; C0SUD6; C5IJJ5; AB490013; FJ947150;
           Keywords: DNA-binding; Metal-binding; Nucleus; Receptor; Transcription;
           Keywords: Transcription regulation; Zinc; Zinc-finger.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

13. ACYPI_2013_PE14  SubName: Full=Odorant-binding protein 9;Flags: Fragment;
           Keywords: ACYPI000334; ACYPI000334-PA; C1KUY9; FM242535.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

14. ACYPI_244_PE1  SubName: Full=Odorant-binding protein 10;Flags: Fragment;
           Keywords: ACYPI316839; ACYPI31683-PAA; C1KUZ0; FM242536.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

15. ACYPI_3520_PE3  SubName: Full=Ecdysone inducible nuclear hormone receptor;Flags:
           Fragment; (ACYPI_3520.PE3).
           Keywords: ACYPI007773; ACYPI007773-PA; C5IJJ6; FJ947151;
           Keywords: DNA-binding; Metal-binding; Receptor; Transcription;
           Keywords: Transcription regulation; Zinc.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

16. ACYPI_3548_PE6  SubName: Full=Cathepsin B;Flags: Fragment; (ACYPI_3548.PE6).
           Keywords: ACYPI000020; ACYPI000020-PA; A9JSH0; BK006321.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

17. ACYPI_4056_PE5  SubName: Full=Spo11;Flags: Fragment; (ACYPI_4056.PE5).
           Keywords: ACYPI247071; ACYPI24707-PAA; B5LY55; EU921829.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

18. ACYPI_4500_PE24  SubName: Full=Aspartate aminotransferase;Flags: Fragment;
           Keywords: ACYPI000044; ACYPI000044-PA; O61261; AB005262;
           Keywords: Aminotransferase; Transferase.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

19. ACYPI_4626_PE1  SubName: Full=Vasa-like protein;Flags: Fragment; (ACYPI_4626.PE1).
           Keywords: ACYPI000004; ACYPI000004-PA; A4UF97; EF094467;
           Keywords: ATP-binding; Helicase; Hydrolase; Nucleotide-binding.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

20. ACYPI_5557_PE1  SubName: Full=Putative translation initiation factor 2 gamma
           subunit;Flags: Fragment; (ACYPI_5557.PE1).
           Keywords: ACYPI003589; ACYPI003589-PA; Q2PBB1; AM050260;
           Keywords: Initiation factor.
           Organism: ACYRTHOSIPHON PISUM                                                   

User reference: ACNUC8465

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