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1. CABRI1_3_PE943  SubName: Full=CBR-MOG-1 protein; (CABRI1_3.PE943).
           Keywords: CAP29463.200200367fold_1320000031;
           Keywords: CBR-MOG-1 protein;
           Keywords: ATP-binding; Complete proteome; Helicase; Hydrolase;
           Keywords: Nucleotide-binding; Reference proteome.
           Organism: CAENORHABDITIS BRIGGSAE AF16                                          

2. CAEELIII_PE3125  RecName: Full=Probable pre-mRNA-splicing factor ATP-dependent RNA
           helicase mog-1; EC=3.6.4 13;AltName: Full=Masculinization of germline
           protein 1;AltName: Full=Sex determination protein mog-1;
           Keywords: K03H1.211310200367fold_1320000031; K03H1.211122210.62fold_1320000031;
           Keywords: AF120269; Z29560;
           Keywords: ATP-binding; Complete proteome; Developmental protein; Helicase;
           Keywords: Hydrolase; mRNA processing; mRNA splicing; Nucleotide-binding;
           Keywords: Nucleus; Reference proteome.
           Organism: CAENORHABDITIS ELEGANS                                                

User reference: ACNUC9543

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