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1. ORYSI_7_PE1986  SubName: Full=Putative uncharacterized protein; (ORYSI_7.PE1986).
           Keywords: BGIOSGA01673718286.scaffold_90100000011;
           Keywords: CM000129; CM000141; CR855213; A2XVD7; A3AVF9; Q01I75.
           Organism: ORYZA SATIVA INDICA GROUP                                             

2. ORYSJ_7_PE4343  RecName: Full=Glutaredoxin-C6;AltName: Full=Glutaredoxin-C2 homolog 1;
           Keywords: LOC_Os04g42930-His-2caffold_90100000011;
           Keywords: P55142; A2XVD7; A3AVF9; Q01I75;
           Keywords: Cytoplasm; Direct protein sequencing; Disulfide bond;
           Keywords: Electron transport; Redox-active center; Transport.
           Organism: ORYZA SATIVA JAPONICA GROUP                                           

User reference: ACNUC5340

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