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1. ESCOL4_1_PE1  RecName: Full=Thr operon leader peptide;AltName: Full=Thr operon
           attenuator; (ESCOL4_1.PE1).
           Keywords: thr operon leader peptide;
           Keywords: Amino-acid biosynthesis; Complete proteome; Leader peptide;
           Keywords: Threonine biosynthesis.
           Organism: ESCHERICHIA COLI CFT073                                               

2. ESCOL4_1_PE10  RecName: Full=UPF0246 protein yaaA; (ESCOL4_1.PE10).
           Keywords: hypothetical protein;
           Keywords: Complete proteome.
           Organism: ESCHERICHIA COLI CFT073                                               

3. ESCOL4_1_PE100  RecName: Full=UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-tripeptide--D-alanyl-D-alanine ligase;
           EC=6.3.2 10; (ESCOL4_1.PE100).
           Keywords: ATP-binding; Cell cycle; Cell division; Cell shape;
           Keywords: Cell wall biogenesis/degradation; Complete proteome; Ligase;
           Keywords: Nucleotide-binding; Peptidoglycan synthesis.
           Organism: ESCHERICHIA COLI CFT073