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1. FELCA100077_PE1  Flags: Fragments;
           Keywords: ENSFCAG000000082955old_1320000031; ENSFCAP000000076901old_1320000031.
           Organism: FELIS CATUS                                                           

2. FELCA100087_PE1  Flags: Fragments;
           Keywords: ENSFCAG000000135855old_1320000031; ENSFCAP000000125961old_1320000031.
           Organism: FELIS CATUS                                                           

3. FELCA100135_PE1  Flags: Fragments;
           SubName: Full=MHC class II DRB first extracellular domain;Flags:
           Fragment; (FELCA100135.PE1).
           Keywords: ENSFCAG000000092025old_1320000031; ENSFCAP000000085281old_1320000031;
           Keywords: O19397_FELCA; O19398_FELCA; O19399_FELCA; O19400_FELCA; O19401_FELCA;
           Keywords: O19403_FELCA; O19404_FELCA; U51514; U51515; U51516; U51517; U51518;
           Keywords: U51520; U51521; U51522;
           Keywords: MHC II; Transmembrane.
           Organism: FELIS CATUS