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1. ROSDO_1_PE1  SubName: Full=Aminomethyltransferase, putative; EC=2.1.2 10;
           Keywords: aminomethyltransferase, putative;
           Keywords: Complete proteome; Methyltransferase; Transferase.
           Organism: ROSEOBACTER DENITRIFICANS OCH 114                                     

2. ROSDO_1_PE10  SubName: Full=Sarcosine oxidase, beta subunit; EC=1.5.3 1;
           Keywords: sarcosine oxidase, beta subunit;
           Keywords: Complete proteome; Oxidoreductase.
           Organism: ROSEOBACTER DENITRIFICANS OCH 114                                     

3. ROSDO_1_PE100  RecName: Full=Light-harvesting protein B-870 beta chain;AltName:
           Full=Antenna pigment protein beta chain; (ROSDO_1.PE100).
           Keywords: light-harvesting protein B-875, beta chain;
           Keywords: Antenna complex; Bacteriochlorophyll; Cell inner membrane;
           Keywords: Cell membrane; Chlorophyll; Chromophore; Complete proteome;
           Keywords: Light-harvesting polypeptide; Magnesium; Membrane; Metal-binding;
           Keywords: Transmembrane; Transmembrane helix.
           Organism: ROSEOBACTER DENITRIFICANS OCH 114                                     

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