Post-doc: Statistical analysis of algal virus diversity in marine ecosystems

The DECOVIR project (coordinated by Yves Desdevises) aims to determine how environmental factors influence algal virus diversity in marine ecosystems. This project combines recent genomic data with NGS techniques to obtain a precise picture of the actual diversity of a defined virus group, its evolution through time, and its relationships with environmental factors.

We look for a postdoctoral researcher to analyse the data produced during the first two years of the project. The main work consists in developing an analytical method to relate virus abundance and diversity data to environmental variables and host abundance and diversity. This method should permit the use in predictive framework. The following abilities are required: The successful candidate will have a strong written background in English to communicate his/her results in symposia and publications. The position is for one year and will be based in the Biométrie and Biologie Evolutive Lab (Université Lyon 1, France) under the supervision of Stéphane Dray.

Candidates must be able to start by January 2015 and applications will be evaluated as they are received until the position is filled. Early application is recommended.

To apply, please send CV and publications list, with contact information for a minimum of two professional references to