More pictures

From Geometry of Genomes 2005

These two pictures are courtesy of Dr. Tatyana Popova, and were extracted from Dr. Andrey Zinovyev's web site. They are from the geometry og genome workshop, Leicester, UK, 22/09/2005 - 24/09/2005, organized by Prof. Alexander N. Gorban. The strange twisting wood stick you can see was termed the Lobry's prize (no cash, just honnor) by Alexander and was finally given by unanimity to Andrey.

The organizers of this workshop were from Siberia and found that september in UK was definitively too warm, so that they push to the maximum the air-conditioning system during the whole night in the theater. As you can see, it was freezing cold, no way to have a nap.

From strapp 04

These two pictures were kindly provided to me by Petro Liò. They are from the strapp 04 meeting, Fri 9-JUL-2004, at about 1 pm local time.

Still from strapp 04 meeting, but a little bit later. Provided to me by Fredj Tekaia.

Somewhat earlier

I was born in -110582100 ± 900 (Unix time value, for a conversion to your favorite calendar see there). Here, I'am looking at a french tabloid about Apollo X mission, they had nice computers at that time...