Lobry, J.R., Rosso, L., Flandrois, J.-P. (1991) Binary 3:86-93

This page allows for the on-line reproduction of some results from the paper: Lobry, J.R., Rosso, L., Flandrois, J.-P. (1991) A FORTRAN subroutine for the determination of parameter confidence limits in non-linear models. Binary, 3:86-93.

Abstract: A FORTRAN subroutine to determine confidence limits of parameter values in non- linear models was written. This subroutine writes into an output file a list of point coordinates, in the parameter space, for which the sum of squared residuals between theoretical and observed values equals the threshold value that defines the confidence region. This routine was used to determine parameter confidence limits of two different models describing the relationship between the specific growth rate of a microbial population as a function of temperature. Both models have four parameters and fit data almost equally well, although the structural correlation between parameters they yield is considerably different.

1. Introduction

2. Code soure, compiling and runing

The FORTRAN 77 code source of the program is available here. You need a FORTRAN compiler, for instance the GNU fortran (GCC) g77. This program compiles for me without warning with g77 version 3.4.2:

unix$ ls
unix$ g77 crunch.f 
unix$ ls
a.out           crunch.f
unix$ ./a.out
unix$ ls
OUTDEMO         a.out           crunch.f
unix$ head OUTDEMO
    1.399734  290.105468  312.782607  320.046362
    1.380233  287.147284  314.342438  320.073303
    1.330969  288.123167  313.287554  320.489658
    1.399777  286.701891  313.500397  320.109320
    1.397104  291.405480  313.159334  320.193488
    1.389035  291.512979  312.800439  320.271897
    1.424848  287.435813  313.920246  320.200249
    1.437858  288.951435  314.159576  320.202439
    1.390516  289.739097  314.188366  320.141676
    1.361913  290.592461  313.464468  320.366983

Note that the program won't run if the output file OUTDEMO already exists in the current directory:

unix$ ls
OUTDEMO         a.out           crunch.f
unix$ ./a.out
open: 'new' file exists
apparent state: unit 34 named OUTDEMO
lately writing direct unformatted external IO

The file OUTDEMO that should be produced by the program is available here.

3. Reproducing figure 4 from the paper

If you have any problems or comments, please contact Jean Lobry.