The present directory contains the datasets used for the co-inertia analysis described by Thioulouse and Lobry (1995).


File Name Number of rows Number of columns Content

AANames 20 1 Amino-acid 3-letter code
ProtNames 999 1 Proteins names
IndiceNames 402 1 Indices names
IndiceVals 402 20 Indices values
ProtComp 999 20 Proteins composition


This file contains the names of the 20 amino-acids using the 3-letter
code, for instance gly for glycine. The amino-acids are sorted in

3. THE FILE ProtNames

This file contains the names of the 999 proteins. The name is in
two parts, for instance XYLEECOM.MALM. The prefix XYLEECOM refers
to the DNA contig from wich the coding sequence was obtained in
ECOSEQ6 collection (Rudd, 1993). The suffix MALM is the standard
name for the protein (Bachmann, 1990).

4. THE FILE IndiceNames

This file contains the names of the 402 physico-chemical properties
of amino-acids using the accession number of the AA-index collection
(Nakai et al., 1988) which is available and described at the URL:

5. THE FILE IndiceVals

This file contains in row the physico-chemical properties in the
same order than in the file IndiceNames and in columns the amino-
acids in the same order than in the file AANames. If i stands for
the row number and j for the column number, then the element (i,j)
of this table is the value of the index i for the amino-acid j.
These values are from the AA-index collection (Nakai et al., 1988)
described at the URL:

6. THE FILE ProtComp

This file contains in row the proteins in the same order than in
the file ProtNames and in column the amino-acids in the same order
than in the file AANames. If i is the row number and j the column
number, then the element (i,j) in this table is the number of
amino-acids j in the protein i. These values were obtained from
a subset of ECOSEQ6 collection (Rudd, 1993). The criteria used
for the construction of this subset are described in Lobry and
Gautier (1994).


Please quote Rudd (1993) if you use the protein composition dataset
and Nikai et al. (1988) if you use the amino-acid indices dataset.

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physico-chemical properties and protein composition with ADE package.
Computer Applications in Biosciences, 11 : 321-329.


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For ECOSEQ6 collection :
For AA-index collection :
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