Helical Wheel for Peptide Synthesis

This is a Java applet displaying a helical peptide sequence in the helix wheel view or in the side view in which the side chain interactions (e.g. i,i+4 or i,i+3) can be easily observed.
Hydrophobic amino acids are shown in red, hydrophilic amino acid are shown in green.
Is is possible to build an alpha-helix (100 degrees par residue) or a 3-10 helix (120 degrees per residue).

This applet is still in construction, the next version will allow a choice for amino acid colour codes. It is not currently possible to print the picture, except from a SGI.

If you can read this, then your browser doesn't support Java applets.

Colour codes:

Hydrophobic scale from Benner et al. (1994) J. Mol. Biol. 235, 926-958
K, R, E, N, D Blue
F, A, M, I, L, Y, V, W Red
C, H, Q, S, T Green
P, G Orange