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Updated on 18 November 2004
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Polymorphix is a database of intraspecific sequence polymorphism, structured under the ACNUC sequence database management system. It allows one to select sets of within-(eukaryotic)species sequences families, and to visualize multiple alignments and phylogenetic trees. Polymorphix is useful for meta-analyses of population genomics, and as a bibliographic tool in population genetics.


Families in Polymorphix are groups of sequences sharing at least 80% similarity. Multiple alignments were made with Mabios. Outgroup have been added when available (78% similarity required), and aligned to the within-species profile with Clustalv-1.81. Sequence alignments and Neighbour-Joining phylogenetic trees can be viewed. You can use them, together with sequence annotations and bibliographic links, to decide wether the selected families are relevant for your study.

WWW access

It is also possible to query the database on this server through the WWW-Query system. This interface is not made to do specific request on Polymorphix but it could be useful to expert users who wants to modify their selection.

Contact and reference

If you encounter some problems when using Polymorphix, please contact Eric Bazin. Also we welcome any comments or suggestions on the database and/or its interface.


Bazin, E., Duret, L., Penel, S. and Galtier, N. (2005) Polymorphix, a sequence polymorphism database. Nucleic Acids Res. 33: D481-484 [Abstract] [FREE Full Text] [Supplementary Material]   OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE  

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