Symposia: schedule, talks, abstracts, and posters

Index of contributors

Population Genomics
S01 - Demography and selection in metapopulations (A. Tellier, W. Stephan)
S02 - Plant ecological genomics (S. Glémin, X. Vekemans)
S10 - Host population genetics: natural selection and immunity (B. Lazzaro, L. Quintana-Murci)
S11 - Human evolution: clues from ancient and modern genomic data (C. Hänni, L. Orlando, J. Good, T. Gilbert)
S20 - Population genomics of adaptive alleles (H. Hoekstra, J. Jensen)
S21 - The genomics of domestication (A. Boyko & C. Bustamante)
S23 - Whole genome sequencing in experimental evolution (K. Thornton, O.Tenaillon)

Genome Evolution
S03 - Evolution of sex chromosomes and sexual dimorphism (C. Peichel, M. Long, K. Naruse)
S04 - Recombination and genome evolution (L. Duret, M. Webster)
S12 - The impact of transposable elements on genome evolution (E. Lerat, C. Vieira)
S13 - Consequences of duplication and alternative routes to innovation (F. Brunet, A. McLysaght, M. Semon)
S18 - Evolutionary genomics of prokaryotes (E. Rocha, E. Feil)
S22 - Species life-history traits and molecular evolution (N. Galtier, A. Eyre-Walker)
S25 - Modular evolution of biological molecules and systems (D. Kahn, E. Bornberg-Bauer)

Molecular Evolution and Phenotype
S05 - Genome, evolution and development (V. Laudet, M. Robinson-Rechavi)
S06 - Epigenetics in ecology and evolution (P. Capy, C. Vitte)
S14 - Evolvability and the origin of novelty (J. Masel, S. Rosenberg, M. Siegal)
S15 - Systems biology and the evolution of genotype-phenotype maps (S. Rifkin, C. Landry)
S16 - Cooperation and conflict: a molecular perspective (S. Charlat, F. Jiggins)
S24 - Evolutionary biology in health and medicine (J. Dudley, A. Butte, S. Kumar)
S28 - Evolution of molecular networks (V. Lacroix, M-F. Sagot, B. Teusink)

S07 - Integrative phylogenomics: from genes to organismal history (V. Daubin, B. Boussau)
S08 - Horizontal transfer in eukaryotic genome evolution (C. Feschotte, I. Arkhipova)
S09 - Mathematical and computational phylogenetics (O. Gascuel, S. Guindon)
S17 - General nonstationary context-dependent models of sequence change (R. Goldstein, D. Pollock)
S26 - Phylogeny and evolution of prokaryotes (G. Perrière, C. Brochier)
S27 - Plural perspectives on the tree of life: biology, philosophy & history (W. Martin, M. O’Malley)
S29 - Early events of the evolution of life on earth (J. Lake)

S19 - Walter Fitch Student Award
S30 - Undergraduate Diversity Mentoring Program Awards