DeCoSTAR - Detection of Co-evolution

DeCoSTAR is a software which aims at reconstructing ancestral gene or genome organizations, in the form of sets of neighborhood relations -adjacencies- between pairs of ancestral genes or gene domains.
Ancestral genes or domains are deduced from reconciled gene trees in a context of birth, speciation, duplication, loss, transfer, which are either given as input or computed with the ecceTERA package, to which DeCoSTAR is integrated. DeCoSTAR constructs parsimonious scenarios of gains and breakages of adjacencies, and contains in particular all the features of previous software DeCo, DeCoLT, ArtDeCo and DeClone. It provides statistical supports on ancestral adjacencies, or the possibility to handle badly assembled genomes.
DeCoSTAR is able to reconstruct the histories of domains inside genes, including gene fusion and fission events, as well as ancestral genome structures for dozens of whole genomes from all kingdoms of life in a few minutes.

It is distributed under Cecill open source Licence.

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Duchemin W, Anselmetti Y, Patterson M, Ponty Y, Berard S, Chauve C, Scornavacca C, Daubin V, Tannier E (2017) DeCoSTAR: Reconstructing the Ancestral Organization of Genes or Genomes Using Reconciled Phylogenies, Genome Biology and Evolution, vol. 9 pp.1312-1319.

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