TESD can be downloaded from the pbil (Pôle BioInformatique Lyonnais) web site, at .
Modelers interested in developing TESD can get source codes at site, and should contact the research team at .


TESD is a .jar file, which can be run under any Operating Systems on which the Java Runtime Environnement (JRE version 1.4.2 or earlier) is installed (to install JRE go to
According to your Operating System: For the console interface, see the Console Interface section.


TESD must be downloaded with three other library files: Theses essential files must be downloaded in the same directory as TESD.
JFreeChart and JCommon are copyrighted under the GNU Lesser General Public License.
The Help Content of TESD uses the JavaHelp library of Sun Microsystems, Inc. Binary Code License Agreement and supplemental license term for JavaHelp version 2.0. More information at