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Graphical User Interface
MareyMap includes a graphical user interface that makes its features easily accessible by the user.

Data editing
Maps can be edited graphically to remove incoherent markers and to see their influences on interpolation results.

Interpolation methods
MareyMap comes with 3 interpolation methods (see Documentation for more details). Interpolation method parameters can be modified via the graphical user interface.

Local rate query
Recombination rate estimated by the different interpolation methods can be queried by entering a (or several) physical position(s). You may also query the estimated rate at several position by inputing a file containing a list of position spanning across one or several maps (see this file as an example).

Input / Output
MareyMap can save maps and results to file in Rdata binary format or as text files, see this file as an example.

MareyMap allows you to export your maps and results to various graphical formats (jpeg,png,pdf and eps).

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