NEWS for BayesianPower

BayesianPower 0.2.3

The computation of the indecision probability in Approach 2b has been corrected.

BayesianPower 0.2.2

Seed option in Power function fixed. Approach 3 methodology has been updated to output the median under H2.

BayesianPower 0.2.1

Power and sample size determination functions now also output the 10% and 90% percentile of the Bayes factor distribution.

BayesianPower 0.2.0

New computation for the complexity. The prior is now scaled to the posterior. The option to consider group specific standard deviations is added.

BayesianPower 0.1.6

Minor changes

Doi link in vignette html to full URL.

BayesianPower 0.1.5

Minor changes

Doi link in vignette html.

BayesianPower 0.1.4

Minor changes

Doi link correction.

BayesianPower 0.1.3

Minor changes

End description with a full stop.

BayesianPower 0.1.2

Minor changes

Added reference to functionality of package in Description.

BayesianPower 0.1.1

Minor changes

Changed examples for submission to CRAN. Long examples are wrapped in donttest, short examples are added to enable quick testing of functionality.

BayesianPower 0.1.0

Major changes

Release of package. Contains two public functions: and