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Welcome to the Official Git Repository of ToxicR!

What is ToxicR?

ToxicR is an R package that utilizes the core functionality of the US EPA’s Benchmark Dose Software and the NTP’s BMDexpress, which was developed in unison with researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Health. Unlike those packages, ToxicR is fully interactive and can be used to create custom analysis pipelines within the R programming environment.

Current Release

Version 1.0.1 is the most recent release. For precompiled binaries of this release, go to Release V.1.0.0.


For Windows, the .zip file is compiled in R 4.2. For macOS, the .tgz file is compiled in R 4.2. For Linux, the package must be compiled. For more information, please visit the instructions on the Wiki.

Citing ToxicR

All dose-response methodologies used in ToxicR were developed in the following manuscripts:

Wheeler, M.W., Blessinger, T., Shao, K., Allen, B.C., Olszyk, L., Davis, J.A. and Gift, J.S. (2020), Quantitative Risk Assessment: Developing a Bayesian Approach to Dichotomous Dose–Response Uncertainty. Risk Analysis, 40: 1706-1722.

Wheeler, M. W., Cortiñas Abrahantes, J., Aerts, M., Gift, J. S., & Allen Davis, J. (2022). Continuous model averaging for benchmark dose analysis: Averaging over distributional forms. Environmetrics, e2728.