introduction to currencyapi

Dominik Kukacka



currencyapi-r is the official package for accessing currency conversion data from The API requires a registered API key. The free plan provides 150 free monthly requests. You can register an API key here. Premium plans provide access to more requests, more endpoint and access to higher data update rates. The full API documentation can be found here

Setting up authentication

After registering your API key, set your API key locally by calling the helper function currencyapi_api_key() or by manually calling Sys.setenv(CURRENCYAPI_API_KEY = <key>).

Making your first API request

Call get_latest_exchange_rates() to retrieve the most recent exchange rates. By default, USD is set as base_currency. For API keys related to the free plan, data is updated daily, for premium plans up to minutely.

Supported Currencies

Call get_supported_currencies to retrieve a list of all currencies that are supported by the API.

Available Functions

Please read our API documentation for all information.