Decode Australian phone numbers to integers


When dealing with mobile phone numbers in R they are often represented as character vectors. However, this comes this with two problems: (1) character vectors use excessive memory and (2) it necessitates a standard format to filter and match them.

dauphin attempts to solve these problems: using (32-bit) integer vectors to store Australian mobile and landline numbers.

mobs <- c("0407 000 123", "0407000123", "61407 000 123", "+61 407 000 123")

If your data contains both landline and mobile (for the same client), you can use dauphin_mobile_landline to ensure they are entered in the correct field.

dauphin_mobile_landline(c("0412 345 678", "6532 1234"), 
                        c("03 6533 4444", "0400 111 222"), 
                        default_area_code = 3)

An unexported function format_dauphin_mobile is also temporarily available for a standard character format.