fuzzyforest is an extension of random forests designed to yield less biased variable importance rankings when features are correlated with one another. The algorithm requires that features be partitioned into seperate groups or modules such that the correlation within groups are large and the correlation between groups is small. fuzzyforest allows for easy integration the package WGCNA.

To enable use of the full functionality of fuzzyforest packages WGCNA must be installed. However, WGCNA requires the installation of a few packages form bioConductor. To install WGCNA, type the following lines into the console:

biocLite("AnnotationDbi", type="source")

If further issues with the installation of WGCNA arise see the WGCNA website: http://labs.genetics.ucla.edu/horvath/CoexpressionNetwork/Rpackages/WGCNA/index.html#manualInstall


This work is partially supported through NSF grant IIS 1251151.