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Package for class “Modelling and Data Analysis for Pharmaceutical Sciences” (idarps, which stands for Introduction to Data Analytics with R for Pharmaceutical Sciences)


The idarps package is available on both CRAN and GitHub. The CRAN version is considered stable while the GitHub version is subject to modifications/updates which may lead to installation problems or broken functions. You can install the stable version of the idarps package with:

Installation from CRAN


Installation from GitHub

For users who are interested in having the latest developments, the GitHub version is ideal although more dependencies are required to run a stable version of the package.

You can install idarps from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Loading data

idarps proposes various datasets to work with. Namely,

To load a dataset, assuming that idarps is loaded in your environment (library(idarps)), you can use:


You can obtain the description of the dataset with: