matrixStats: Summary of functions

matrixStats: Summary of functions

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Location and scale estimators

Estimator Functions Example
Weighted sample mean weightedMean(), colWeightedMeans(), rowWeightedMeans() weightedMean(x, w); rowWeightedMeans(x, w)
Mean mean2(), colMeans2(), rowMeans2() mean2(x); rowMeans2(x)
Median median(), colMedians(), rowMedians() median(x); rowMedians(x)
Weighted median weightedMedian(), colWeightedMedians(), rowWeightedMedians() weightedMedian(x, w); rowWeightedMedians(x, w)
Sample variance var(), colVars(), rowVars() var(x); rowVars(x)
Weighted sample variance weightedVar(), colWeightedVars(), rowWeightedVars() weightedVar(x, w), rowWeightedVars(x, w)
Sample variance by n-order differences varDiff(), colVarDiffs(), rowVarDiffs() varDiff(x); rowVarDiffs(x)
Sample standard deviation sd(), colSds(), rowSds() sd(x); rowSds(x)
Weighted sample deviation weightedSd(), colWeightedSds(), rowWeightedSds() weightedSd(x, w), rowWeightedSds(x, w)
Sample standard deviation by n-order differences sdDiff(), colSdDiffs(), rowSdDiffs() sdDiff(x); rowSdDiffs(x)
Median absolute deviation (MAD) mad(), colMads(), rowMads() mad(x); rowMads(x)
Weighted median absolute deviation (MAD) weightedMad(), colWeightedMads(), rowWeightedMads() weightedMad(x, w), rowWeightedMads(x, w)
Median absolute deviation (MAD) by n-order differences madDiff(), colMadDiffs(), rowMadDiffs() madDiff(x); rowMadDiffs()
Quantile quantile(), colQuantiles(), rowQuantiles() quantile(x, probs); rowQuantiles(x, probs)
Interquartile range (IQR) iqr(), colIQRs(), rowIQRs() iqr(x); rowIQRs(x)
Interquartile range (IQR) by n-order differences iqrDiff(), colIQRDiffs(), rowIQRDiffs() iqrDiff(x); rowIQRDiffs(x)
Range range(), colRanges(), rowRanges() range(x); rowRanges(x)
Minimum min(), colMins(), rowMins() min(x); rowMins(x)
Maximum max(), colMaxs(), rowMaxs() max(x); rowMaxs(x)

Testing for and counting values

Operator Functions Example
Are there any missing values? anyMissing(), colAnyMissings(), rowAnyMissings() anyMissing(x); rowAnyMissings(x)
Does TRUE exists? any(), colAnys(), rowAnys() any(x); rowAnys(x)
Are all values TRUE? all(), colAlls(), rowAlls() all(x); rowAlls(x)
Does value exists? anyValue(), colAnys(), rowAnys() anyValue(x, value); rowAnys(x, value)
Do all elements have a given value? allValue(), colAlls(), rowAlls() allValue(x, value); rowAlls(x, value)
Number of occurrences of a value? count(), colCounts(), rowCounts() count(x, value); rowCounts(x, value)

Cumulative functions

Operator Functions Example
Cumulative sum cumsum(), colCumsums(), rowCumsums() cumsum(x); rowCumsums(x)
Cumulative product cumprod(), colCumprods(), rowCumprods() cumprod(x); rowCumprods(x)
Cumulative minimum cummin(), colCummins(), rowCummins() cummin(x); rowCummins(x)
Cumulative maximum cummax(), colCummaxs(), rowCummaxs() cummax(x); rowCummaxs(x)


Estimator Functions Example
Counts in disjoint bins binCounts() binCounts(x, bx)
Sample means (and counts) in disjoint bins binMeans() binMeans(y, x, bx)


Operation Functions Example
Sum sum2(), colSums2(), rowSums2() sum2(x); rowSums2(x)
Lagged differences diff2(), colDiffs(), rowDiffs() diff2(x), rowDiffs(x)

matrixStats v1.3.0. Release: CRAN, Development: GitHub.