Francisco Bischoff

25 Jan 2023

Matrix Profile for R

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R Functions implementing UCR Matrix Profile Algorithm (

This package will keep all core functions that will allow you to use the Matrix Profile concept as a toolkit.

This package provides (almost all) algorithms to build a Matrix Profile.

The package tsmp will still be developed as “how we do data mining with Matrix Profile”, keeping all slow stuff to be handled by this optimized package.

This will not be covered here, as it is a tsmp purpose:

You can find the current tsmp package here:


# Install the released version from CRAN
# Or the development version from GitHub:
# install.packages("devtools")

Currently available Features

On Roadmap

Will stay on TSMP package

Other projects with Matrix Profile

Matrix Profile Foundation

Our next step unifying the Matrix Profile implementation in several programming languages.

Visit: Matrix Profile Foundation


Available at RPubs.

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