shiny.worker allows you to delegate heavy computation tasks to a separate process, such that it does not freeze your Shiny app.

How to install?



See live example here.

How to use it?

Initialise your worker at the beggining of your app.

worker <- initialize_worker()

Then, in the server of your Shiny app define a promise that returns a reactive when your heavy job will be completed.

my_heavy_calculations <- function(args) {
  # ...

# this reactive object is used to trigger the job start,
# but also to pass parameters to the function
reactive_arguments <- reactive({ 
  list(r = rnorm(1))

# resultPromise will be a reactive value with results returned by my_heavy_calculations
resultPromise <- worker$run_job("job1", my_heavy_calculations, args_reactive = reactive_arguments)

resultPromise()$result # contains the result of the calculations
resultPromise()$resolved # contains flag that informs whether the job has finished or not

See more examples in the examples/ folder.


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