subscreen 1.0.0

Bug fixes subscreencalc

Bug fixes subscreenshow

Enhancements subscreenshow

Editorial changes

subscreen 2.0.1

subscreen 3.0.0


*Added possibility to calculate importance for multiple target variables


Improve coloring running time Bug fix in function parents() for descending ID’s Bug fix ‘Infinite option’-loop Add ‘Factorial Contexts’-calculation * Add optional ‘Subgroup Complement’-calculation * Add Subscreen ASMUS-tab Add Subscreen Logo Change default background color Add Flexible Plot sizes Add Mousehover info for all plots Change Table header colour Add flexible Plot Legends

##Subscreen Explorer-tab #Variable Options-tab *Add logarithmic Slider

#Importance-tab Add ‘Select Variable’-option to select target variable Bug fix importance color

#Display Options-tab Add ‘Adjust point brightness’-option Remove ‘Choose number of Stripes background’-option *Add ‘Plotting character’-option

#Colour Options Add ‘Colour for factorial Context’-option Remove ‘Choose Background Colour (Plot stripes)’-option *Remove ‘Choose font colour’-option

#Plots *Add interaction Plot

#Tables Add ‘Factorial Context’-table Add ‘Subgroup Complement’-table

##Subscreen Comparer-tab #Sidebarpanel Remove ‘Subgroup Filter’-option Remove ‘Subgroup level(s)’-option #Compare-plots Add legend #Bubble plot Add legend

##Subscreen Mosaic-tab #Sidebarpanel *Add help text

#Hovertable *Change font color for hovertable

subscreen 3.0.1

Bug fixes subscreenshow