This small package provides the standard R distribution functions for the Truncated Generalised Gamma Distribution (see Murray, Robotham, Power (2016) [MRP]).

Included are the density, CDF, quantile function and random generator, both for the real-space TGGD and log-space TGGD.


The simplest way to install the package is to use devtools.

First, install the only dependency, gsl: install.packages("gsl").

Next, install devtools: install.packages("devtools") (note there are further dependencies of this package).

Finally, install this package: install_github('asgr/tggd').


Usage details are found by accessing the help files in the package, but are identical to the standard R distribution functions (eg. rnorm or `dpoiss``). Examples are also found in these files.

To understand why and when to use these functions, please refer to MRP.

We note in particular that the log-space forms of the functions are defined as the distributions of the log of the variates from the real-space distribution with identical parameters. This is the correct form to use if performing Bayesian analyses in which the values of the variates are uncertain with priors defined in log-space (eg. lognormal distributions).