uavRmp 0.6.2

new features: * move functions to internal

bugfixes: * remove dependencies on rgeos, maptools and rgdal #10

uavRmp 0.6.1

new features: * add functions to correct wrong DJI GPS altitude

uavRmp 0.6.0

new features: * change DJI flag from djip3 to dji_csv * re-add DJI support * add converter and shiny GUI for Missionplaner/Qgroundcontrol survey flightplans to lichi csv

bugfixes: * fix several waypoint issues especially the zig zag behaviour starting and landing

uavRmp 0.5.7

bugfixes: * fix cran issue maptools * fix several R 4.x problems

uavRmp 0.5.6

bugfixes: * fix import functionality for QGroundcontrol flight planning files * fix wrong calculation of buffers * add documentation for qgroundcontrol survey files

uavRmp 0.5.5

new features: * add sf dupport for vecdraw overlay * add preliminary import functionality for QGroundcontrol flight planning files

bugfixes: * fix some gdalUtils issues * fix wrong cropping if launchposition is outside of task

uavRmp 0.5.4

bugfixes: * fix sf gdalUtils conflict * fix NEWS and

uavRmp 0.5.3

new features: * add common GEOJSON support for flightareas

bugfixes: * fix CRAN issues

uavRmp 0.5.2

new features: * add point flight mode * add service functions * add Agisoft scripting support * new folder structure

bugfixes: * fix turning of the UAV at turnpoints * fix several small bugs

uavrmp 0.5.1

new features:



uavRmp 0.5.0