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Grail Experimental Gene Discovery Suite


GrailEXP is a software package that predicts exons, genes, promoters, polyas, CpG islands, EST similarities, and repetitive elements within DNA sequence. GrailEXP is used by the Computational Biosciences Section at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to annotate the entire known portion of the human genome (including both finished and draft data).

If you are interested in microbial genome analysis and annotation, you should go to the Generation home page.

Perform Analysis

Select organism:

Select output type:

Perceval Exon Candidates
(Locate Grail exons using an improved version of the Grail1.3 neural net)

Galahad EST/mRNA/cDNA Alignments
(Search from the selected EST/mRNA databases and build exons based on similarities with the sequences in these databases)

Select database(s) to search:

Gawain Gene Models
(Assemble complete gene structures from the above selected options, i.e. Perceval exon candidates and/or Galahad EST/mRNA alignments)

Gene modeling organism options:

Cpg Islands
(Find CpG Islands using Grail1.3)

Repetitive Elements
(Locate repetitive elements using a BLAST-based method against the Repeatmasker database)

DNA Sequence (Raw or FASTA format, paste in box or upload file):


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