• phyldog

    Phyldog is a program made to simultaneously build gene and species trees when gene families have undergone duplications and losses. It can analyze thousands of gene families in dozens of genomes simultaneously, and was presented in an article in Genome Research. Trees and parameters are estimated in the maximum likelihood framework, by maximizing the probability of alignments given the species tree, the gene trees and the parameters of duplication and loss....

  • DSD

    The DSD -- Data-driven Sample size Determination-- Matlab/Octave Toolbox.

    If you use DSD Matlab/Octave ToolBox please cite:
    DSD: An Automated procedure to determine the sample size in metabolic phenotyping studies. Briefings in bioinformatics. Jan. 2015...

  • galaxy-user

    The galaxy@prabi project is a joint collaborative and federative effort initiated at the Rhône-Alpes region bioinformatics plateform (PRABI) with the aim to bridge the gap between -omics big data generated by high throughput technologies (mainly NGS - Next Generation Sequencing data) and their bioinformatics analysis and visualisation....

  • recXML

    recXML est un format de fichier basé sur phyloXML ( qui a pour objectif l'uniformisation de la représentation textuel des arbres réconciliés, produits par le projet ANCESTROME. Dans le but de facilité la création de visualisations de ces arbres et leur stockage....

  • SRV

    The SRV -- Statistical Recoupling of Variables -- Matlab/Octave Toolbox.

    If you use SRV Matlab/Octave ToolBox please cite:
    SRV: an opensource toolbox to accelerate the recovery of metabolic biomarkers and correlations from metabolic phenotyping data sets. Bioinformatics.2013 May 15;29(10):1348-9. ...

  • VirHostScape

    VirHostScape is the brand new web interface of the VirHostNet 2.0 knowledgebase and is dedicated to network-based exploration of virus/host molecular interactions interface based on a systems biology framework.

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