ADE4 2001 announcement (English)

From: Jean Thioulouse (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 16:37:33 MET

The new version of ADE-4 (called ADE-4 2001) is now available on the Web
server. If you have problems using the new server please contact me.

Here is a short list of the new features in ADE-4 2001 :

- New user interface (Mac and PC), based on the multi-patform software
MetaCard. This new interface is more simple, but has important new features
that make it more easy to use and more powerful.

- Two new modules for computations on distance matrices, DMAUtil and DMAUse.
These modules replace the Distances module.

- The modules can now be used in "batch" mode, which means without user
interaction, for example for automatic linking of several modules or for
simulations. This feature also allows to redo automatically all the
computations of an analysis after a modification of the data set (like
error corrections or data additions). On Macintosh, this is based on
AppleScript and AppleEvents, and on PC, it is based on ".bat" files.
A new module called ADEBatch is also available for modules linking.

- Network installation is now possible : this allows you to install ADE-4
2001 on a network server (Mac or PC) and to use it from any computer in
the network. It is also possible to use ADE-4 on shared computers, with
only one version of the software installed and each user keeping his own

The new version is already available on the Web, and it is still free !
The CD-ROM is also available, for the same price as the previous version
(250 FF, see the currency converter). We have also decided to send the new
CD-ROM for free to everybody who had bought it after july 2000 (invoice


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