How do I run RDA and pCCA?

Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 13:48:57 MET

Dear listmembers

I was adviced to send this message to the list, so I hope you cope with the
triviality of it:

I have started using ADE-4 which seems like an eccellent program for
multivariate analysis of Ecological data. Since my french unfortunately is
non existent I have a couple of "stupid" questions that I really hope that
anyone can give me some short answers to. I have managed to run CCA in ADE
and I understand that it is possible to run both RDA and partial CCA using
the PCAIV module, I just canīt figure out how to do it. I have tried to
understand what it says in the "Ordination sous contraintes" on page 28 and
onwards but even if I know spanish I canīt figure it out.

If anyone could be so kind and give me a few short lines telling me what
files I have to prepare and where to insert them I would be very much
greatful, or if there is an explanation in english somewhere that I can

Best regards, Leonard Sandin

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