metacard problem

From: rossaro (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 10:10:32 MEST

Dear collegues,
I have problems to extract data examples from metacard.
I use a PC with Window 98.
I click on the bird and then on the data, the list of data examples
appears, but when I click on an example this message appear:
group id 12028 of card id 28596 of stack "C:/ade-4/ade4tools/dir_mc/"
then when I click on card folder I have an execution error.
Can somebody help me ?
Sincerely yours
Bruno Rossaro

prof. Bruno Rossaro
Department of Biology Section Ecology
Univ. of Milano
via Celoria 26 I 20133 Milano Italy (office)
v.le Murillo 21 I 20149 Milano (private address)
tel 0039_2_5835_4722
fax 0039_2_5835_4713

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