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Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 12:00:53 MEST

Hi Julie,
there is no translation available for co-inertia analysis
documentation. So, i'll try to help you... To produce a coinertia
The two tables must have the same number of rows (same individuals).
So , you must transpose your site/species table to have the species
as rows (as for the species/traits table). To make the transposition,
you can use MatAlg > Transposition
The Next step consist in analysing the two tables separately but you
must use the same rows weights for the 2 analyses. The number of axes
that you choose has no importance.
After, you run the Coinertia module with the matching two statistical
triplet analysis option. This option verify that the number of rows
and rows weight are the same in the two triplets.
Then, you can test the link between the two tables with a row
permutation test (Coinertia test). To run the coinertia analysis, use
the Coienrtia analysis option of the coinertia module. Then, you can
use the different files to interpret the results.


>I want to carry out a co-inertia analysis to investigate the
>relationship between a fuzzy-coded traits / species table and a
>site / species biomass table. The documentation for co-inertia
>analysis on these types of tables (FCA and PCA) is only available in
>french, which I cannot read. Is there a translation available or can
>anyone tell me how to carry out this procedure? Particularly, must
>the site/species biomass table be transposed so that species are
>found in rows?
>Julie Bremner

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